Frequently asked questions

How can a Lifestyle & Business Concierge assist me?

Let me count the ways! As your extra pair of hands, you provide us with your to-do list and we will work with you to help streamline your life, removing the stress and overwhelm, enabling you to achieve a calm and organised lifestyle for you and your family, giving you back time to focus on the important things in your life. We are the admin and logistical heartbeat behind all those items on your to-do list that you never quite get around to. We also provide Virtual Assistant services supporting small businesses, allowing business owners to focus on their business while we work for your business. We work closely with businesses to determine ways in which we can add value to your business by enhancing client and staff experiences.

Are incidental expenses covered in your rates?

The client is responsible for providing payment method upfront prior to any purchases being made.

Will my credit card and other personal information remain private?

Your privacy is our priority. Your personal information is stored securely at all times to ensure your personal information remains confidential.

How does a Lifestyle Concierge differ to a PA/EA?

A Lifestyle Concierge does not exist to challenge or remove the role of your PA; our mission is to support and enhance the role of your PA so their focus is dedicated to your daily business needs. Our Concierge Services are an extension of your PA, to provide you with additional support whilst working.

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